jokes Americans won’t get

why wouldn’t americans get this post like we have buoys you know right???

didn’t u kno in america we call them MCDONALDS HAMBURGER OCEAN FLOATERS

Perhaps because so much of America is so far from any ocean? But of course the few hundred miles from any of the coasts are the most densely populated places.

But it’s still ridiculous to just say that Americans wouldn’t get this joke. Like as if people that don’t live by the ocean would never ever learn what a buoy is. 

'Cause we all howdy yeehaw hicks in America, ain't we. What the sassafras is a buoy?? It's a thing in the OCEAN? Well tan my hide and call me Samantha, I ain't EVER SEEN A OCEAN. 

Sorry, it’s just funny at this point to me. xDDD