agentofabandon asked:

:: Uh.. you still up for that race?::

sabrethepirate answered:

::Oy, Tailgunner! Been a while, hmm? And yes, I’d love to.::



Sabre looked at Tailgunner for a brief moment, somewhat confused. He never heard of that side of the story, nor a story that was likely possible, since in his verse the Allspark wasnt shot into space, or was there an Allspark that COULD be shot into space. From what he heard, being in the core of Cybertron doesn’t exactly make you accessible.

"This Allspark you speak of… Is this related to the spark of Primus itself? Or something else entirely?"

Tailgunner returned a respective confused expression to Sabre, looking somewhat flabbergasted in response before he rolled his optics and scoffed.

“Oh for Spark’s sa—There’s that word again, ‘Primus’. Loooook, I don’t care what you worship or whatever but I’m gonna tell you straight up that I don’t want anything to do with your little cult. The AllSpark is the AllSpark, always has been, always will.”

The Cult of Primus was pretty fragging persistent in getting him to join no matter where he went, it seemed.

“…But really. ‘Oooo the Decepticons have the potential to weaponize this let’s LAUNCH THE ONLY THING PUMPING LIFE INTO CYBERTRON INTO SPACE’. Yeah let’s hide the fact that energon is no longer renewable and instill a bunch of propaganda to cover our afts. Reeeeal smart.” There was the faintest hint of suppressed anger in his vocalizers as he spoke, venting somewhat evenly as he closed his optics for a moment before promptly reopening them.

A certain newbuild had experienced the effects wrought from that very established point in the past, and while it instilled within him reason to fight, he was in no rush to relive what followed after. He habitually stirred his racing processor away with the unconscious tapping of his own frame, focusing on giving the pirate his best ‘what the frag are you going on about’ expression.

Sabre returned the look, optic ridge piqued.

"A cult? You’re calling Primus, Cybertron itself, a cULT? I can’t believe you." He said with a twinge of anger, which he dampened with a sip of highgrade.

"Tell you what, I claimed neutrality to stick out of this. Whhat I don’t understand is, why would your beloved overlord go to such lengths to bring the blood of Unicron himself to poison half of Cybertron? And why would the Autobots simply leave it to rust?" the neutral rambled. Destroying Cybertron was obviously an angering thing on Sabre’s part, and it was unquenched even with Cybertron’s revival.





Mayhem blinked his optic, seeming thoughtful for a moment before setting down his equipment. He decided to head out for the moment, biting at his lower derma as he moved towards the nursery. He busied himself with his three hatchlings in the meantime, settled down in his coils and allowing them a moment to catch up.

After a minute or so of catching up, Sabre turned around, expecting to see Mayhem. Firelight said in a hushed voice “I will check on him. We can catch up in a bit.” he said, heading towards the nursery.

"Mayhem? Are you alright?"

Mayhem lifted his helm, Gahiji nestled against his chassis as he gave a soft smile. “Of course. Why do you ask?” He felt that it would be odd to have listened in to their conversation, so he had chosen to take leave until they had finished.

"I was just making sure you… well, I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. Was we…?" he asked unsurely, looking at the small hatchling and grinning slightly.